We Are Losing The GMO Battle


Two recent stories make it apparent that we are losing the GMO battle and that is going to be disastrous for agricultural health and over time it will take a toll on our health.

The first story has to do with the shareholders of Monsanto. They voted down a resolution that disclose reports that Monsanto has on the financial risk and impact of GMO production.

These people remind me of the cigarette industry executives standing up in front of congress and lying about their product.

One resolution, re-filed by Harrington Investments Inc., called for the board to issue a report detailing the financial risks and operational impacts related to certain GMO production.

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The second story that is troubling is that 2/3 of primary grocery shoppers will not pay more for non-gmo food.

There does not seem to be any connection in their minds that what you eat has a major impact on your health.

A recent NPD food market research study on GMO awareness and concern among consumers finds that 67 percent of all primary grocery shoppers are not willing to pay a higher price for non-GMO foods.

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