Watch a lot of TV NEWS – Then Watch Your Stress Levels Skyrocket


Life is stressful. There is no doubt about that.

However, we do have some ability to control the amount of stress we subject ourselves to.

And believe it or not one main source of stress in out lives is the evening news.

Not hard to believe. The news is filled with all types of strife.

Here is what has to say:

Without a doubt studies have shown that watching negative news makes you, and those around you, experience all sorts of detrimental effects like anger, anxiety, and increased stress levels in general. You also have to take into consideration the opportunity costs of watching the news: what beneficial things can you be doing instead of watching all that depressing stuff?

Negative news has become so much of a concern that some nations have passed draft laws on the amount of negativity that can be presented in the news (not without controversy). Perhaps not surprisingly, mental health experts like Professor Charles Figley say that turning off that bad news can be a very good thing.

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So a word of advice.

Work at limiting the amount of news stories you watch especially before going to bed.
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Thoughts about Stress and TV News

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Stay Healthy
Arnold Brod, Publisher

Photo Source – Geralt at Pixabay

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