Trump’s Tips for Success


If you agree with someone it is easy to think that the things they say are correct and brilliant. And if you generally disagree with someone it is easy to dismiss everything they have to say as drivel.

What is not so easy to do is see through the objectionable parts and profit from their strengths and insights.

I believe that it is safe to say that if you are familiar with Donald Trump you either think he is great or hate the ground he walks on.

However you feel about him there is no denying that he has great ability getting himself in the public eye and in making lots of money.

So why not profit from some of his insights into the proper mindset for success.

Here are 5 tips as reported in Men’s Health

    Power through everything—even the crap.
    Stick to your guns, and ignore the haters.
    Hit the links to stay fit.
    A healthy body equals a healthy relationship.
    Put your blood, sweat, and tears into your work.

Ream More

Well, that’s it from “The Donald” for this post. Take what he has to say to heart. He is leading the life most everyone envies. There is no reason not to profit from what he has learned.

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Stay Healthy
Arnold Brod, Publisher

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