These Foods Can Ruin Your Life

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There are various schools of thought on the relationship between the food that men eat and your long term health.

The companies that have a financial tie in to food deemed good for you will tout this connection every chance they get.

And companies that have a financial connection to foods that are termed bad for you will simply ignore the claims or say they are not true.

So how do you separate fact from financially motivated fiction?

One way is to review independent medical studies that have followed large groups of people for a decade or more and see if there is any relationship between what these people said they generally ate and their state of health. Or in some cases the death rate between different diets.

As we look at different studies there are several things that become evident.

One is that all the studies talk about eliminating junk from our diets. No surprise there.

The other point they all make is that eating certain foods dramatically decreases your life expectancy.

And we all know that is not a good thing. But I hear many people say that they would rather eat what they want and in the amount that they want and they will take the consequence of losing 7 to 10 years off of their life span.

I really have no problem with that line of thinking if in fact what happened was that one day you just “checked out”. But that is not what happens.

Besides having a shorter life, the last years of your life are usually hell.

Being old is enough of a problem without adding to the problem by having diabetes, a stroke, heart disease or cancer.

Of course the odds of having all of these problems is small, but the odds of having any one of these issues is reasonably high.

So I say to all of those men who say they do not care about dying a few years early, how about having a leg amputated because of diabetes, not being able to walk or talk because of a stroke or being all screwed up from radiation and chemo because of cancer.

Let’s take a look at some studies

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All over the news recently was the fact that there is an area of the USA called the “stroke belt”. Where the rate of stroke is much higher and the study shows that the major contributor to the difference is diet.

Deep-fried chicken and other scrumptious Southern fare may taste great, but it’s not so great for men’s health, a new study finds.

Researchers say that diets that are heavy in fried and salty foods could be the most dangerous in terms of stroke risk.

The people who said they ate stuff such as fried chicken and fried potatoes, processed meats and salty greens nearly every day were about 30 percent more likely to have a stroke than people who rarely consumed these itemss.

Research suggests that 80 percent of strokes can be prevented … Read More

Lets take a look at another group of foods from the hit parade of stuff that can make you feel old before your time, lead to an early death or increase your chances of getting the trifecta of diseases – diabetes, stroke/heart or cancer.

This group of foods is cured and processed meats.

The following info comes from the good people at Natural News

A new study published in the journal Circulation reveals that eating processed meat products significantly raises the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Previous research has linked processed meats to cancer as well.

The new paper involved a meta-analysis of 20 different studies covering more than one million people from 10 different countries. The study found that eating just 2 ounces of processed meat each day resulted in the following:

• A 42 percent increase in the risk of heart disease.

• A 19 percent increase in the risk of diabetes.

Interestingly, the analysis simultaneously found that eating non-processed meats was not linked to these increases in disease risk. The study authors concluded that it was the processed salt and chemical additives in the processed meat that caused increase risk of disease. Learn more:

Now the following is a short list of the cured meats that if eaten will give you the bad results stated in the above study.

Nitrites are used in cured meats such as bacon and hot dogs to prevent microbial degeneration. Bologna, salami, corned beef, ham and sausages that have been fermented also contain nitrites. Meats such as salmon and chicken that have been smoked also contain this chemical. Bacon drippings, when used for cooking, release a lot of nitrites. Luncheon meats that form a large part of brown bag lunches too have significant levels of nitrites. Read more: List of Foods High in Nitrites

It is hard to believe that such a small amount of these cured products can have such devastating effects on our health. And the important point to remember is that the average guy eats far more then this amount each day.

I need to go back to my point at the top of this article. It is one thing to die several years earlier then needed and quite another to need someone to take you to the bathroom because you had a stroke.

Feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree with the points made in this post.

Stay Well
Arnold Brod, Publisher

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