These 5 Natural Ingredients Can Lower Your Blood Pressure – Which Are You Missing?

 If you’re looking to lower your blood pressure, then you need to read this article about 5 natural ingredients and the remarkable effect they can have on lowering blood pressure.

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For many people high blood pressure is a personal issue. Maybe it affects you and/or a loved one. For our family it affected my wife. Her blood pressure was 160/90!

Dangerous levels and she was faced with a choice: Go on medication and its potential side effects or use a natural supplement that contains 5 key ingredients specifically designed to address the main tissue that regulates blood pressure.

This article will help you understand how 5 all natural ingredients worked together to lower her blood pressure from 160/90 to 112/68 in less than 3 months.


It all starts with this semi-essential amino acid. L-arginine is a critical nutrient for all people at any age because it fuels multiple metabolic pathways. Unfortunately, as we age our body’s ability to create this amino acid decreases. Thus, the term semi-essential. Your body can produce it but not in quantities large enough to support these metabolic pathways.

Proper and responsible supplementation can aid in the production of L-Arginine.

As it relates to blood pressure this amino acid is used by the enzymes of the biga2to produce a gas called nitric oxide. If you watched the video at the top of this article we provided you with basic information about the endothelium and nitric oxide.

The short version is this. Your endothelium lines your entire vascular system and regulates most of your cardiovascular health. When properly supplied with L-arginine, the endothelium will convert this amino acid to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide directly effects the smooth muscle of the vascular wall to cause a relaxation response. This opens up the blood vessel to improve blood flow and reduce your blood pressure.

Proper levels of nitric oxide can have a profound effect on helping to lower and maintain normal blood pressure.

The challenge is that L-Arginine’s effects are short lived. Usually just 30 minutes to 2 hours of benefits unless this next ingredient is present.


L-citrulline is a key amino acid for those with high blood pressure issues.pdr3 When properly combined with L-arginine, this amino acid effectively and efficiently recycles the by products of nitric oxide production to generate more L-arginine.

This allows the endothelium the needed L-arginine to continue to produce therapeutic levels of nitric oxide, which helps maintain the relaxation of your blood vessels allowing for better blood flow and normal blood pressure.

And when L-arginine is not present, the endothelium can convert L-citrulline into L-arginine to fuel the tissue’s ability to create nitric oxide. Unfortunately there is only one good food source for L-citrulline. It is watermelon and over half of the L-citrulline is contained in the rind portion, which most people never eat.

Thus the need for supplementation.


While L-arginine and L-citrulline are the two key ingredients needed to fuel the endothelium’s ability to create nitric oxide – the master signaling molecule of our entire cardiovascular system, there are two other ingredients that can help optimize this production.

They are vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Vitamin D3 helps your body absorb calcium and vitamin K2 helps to direct where calcium goes. Whether it stays in your bones or helps to fuel other areas were calcium is critical to proper body functions.

Since the production of nitric oxide by your endothelium is dependent upon calcium, this combination of vitamins D3 and K2 helps to maximize the ability of the enzymes of the endothelium to produce therapeutic levels of nitric oxide.

light2 A good illustration of this process would be walking into a dark room and flipping the switch on the wall to turn on the lights.

If you think of the light as nitric oxide.
The wiring in the wall as the enzymes of the endothelium.
The electricity is L-arginine and L-citrulline.
The switch is calcium.

Vitamins D3 and K2 help to properly regulate the calcium levels in your bloodstream to help maximize your endothelium’s ability to create nitric oxide.

So what helps maximize the effectiveness of these enzymes that help the endothelium create nitric oxide?


Numerous clinical studies have shown that pomegranate fruit concentrate enhances the effectiveness of the eNOS enzymes and their ability to produce nitric oxide. This is important for two key reasons:

First, as we age damage occurs to your endothelium leading to plaque formations and artery1calcification. As you can see by the picture to the right, this decreases your ability to produce nitric oxide.

By the age of 40 your production of nitric oxide has been cut in half and by age 60 it’s only 15%. This directly impacts your blood pressure in a negative way.

Pomegranate helps to offset this damage by enhancing the eNOS enzymes to produce higher levels of nitric oxide. This initiates the second key reason.

Therapeutic levels of nitric oxide have been shown to reverse plaque formations and calcification returning more of the endothelium back into a healthy and properly functioning tissue.

This results in higher levels of nitric oxide allowing for greater relaxation of the vascular wall helping to bring blood pressure back into a normal range.


That’s up to you. You can go to a health food store and piece meal your program together by purchasing these 5 key nutrients individually.

Or you can take one product that has been recognized by the 2014 pdrPhysicians’ Desk Reference as “the highest quality L-arginine supplement in the world.” This supplement is ProArgi-9+ from Synergy Worldwide.

They are meticulous in the production of this product. They incorporate 262 quality assurance steps to guarantee the purity and potency of their product. Additionally, they have studies to show it’s effectiveness in improving cardiovascular health while lowering blood pressure.

This is the product my wife used and continues to use in helping her maintain ideal blood pressure readings.

Plus, Synergy Worldwide is so confident about their product that they provide you with a 120 Day Money Back Guarantee on the cost of the product.

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Q – Is it true that L-arginine is bad for you if you’re over the age of 40?

A – Absolutely false. L-arginine fuels multiple metabolic pathways in addition to the creation of nitric oxide. The following video entitled “The Truth About L-Arginine!” will help clarify this question.

Q – Where does Synergy get the arginine and citrulline found in ProArgi-9+?

– The two amino acids L-arginine and L-citrulline found in ProArgi-9+ are derived from microbial fermentation of a non-GMO form of glucose.

Q – How quickly should I drink ProArgi-9+ after mixing it with water?

A – ProArgi-9+ is quite stable in liquid form and won’t degrade rapidly. However, once the product has been mixed in a container, it should be consumed quickly to prevent any potential contamination to the product.

– ProArgi-9+ contains vitamin K — can I take it if I’m also taking blood thinners?

– With the prescribing doctor’s approvals, ProArgi-9+ could possibly be taken along with blood thinners. While l-arginine does not directly affect blood clotting to any great extent, it may have an indirect beneficial effect through its actions in supporting vascular health.

ProArgi-9+ contains vitamin K, which some sources have said needs to be limited while on the prescription blood thinner Coumadin (warfarin). Other sources maintain that vitamin K does not need to be limited, but intake needs to be consistent. Additionally, the form of vitamin K in ProArgi-9+ is K2, which does not have the same degree of potential Coumadin interactions as K1.

As a general precaution, a person on Coumadin should consult with a qualified health care provider before adding any new natural supplement to their diet. When a new supplement is added, the doctor can keep a closer eye on monthly INR/prothombin time results (a test used to measure blood clotting) to ensure that they stay within a safe range.

Q – Is ProArgi-9+ suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

A – The vitamin D3 in ProArgi-9+ is an animal-derived ingredient that would be considered vegetarian but not vegan. It is obtained from the wool of healthy sheep as part of normal shearing. Lanolin (a wool grease) is extracted from the wool and converted into active vitamin D3.

Vitamin D is available primarily in two forms: vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). D2 is from plant or yeast sources (the plant precursor ergosterol is converted to D2 in a laboratory setting), while D3 is from an animal source (either from animal sources like fish or from lanolin from sheep wool). D3 is also the form that our bodies produce from skin exposure to sunlight. D3 is not available from a plant source and cannot be made from a synthetic source—a natural precursor, like lanolin, is required.

Vitamin D3 is considered to be the more bioactive form of vitamin D. Scientific studies show that vitamin D in the form of D3 is better absorbed and more efficient in raising blood levels of vitamin D. D3 has been studied for its benefits in controlling immunity and inflammation, in preventing cancers, and in providing cardiovascular support—the key reason D3 is included in ProArgi-9+. Vitamin D3 has been shown to reduce blood pressure levels by inhibiting renin, an enzyme released by the kidneys that acts to increase blood pressure. Vitamin D receptors (VDR) may play a role in regulating blood vessel relaxation. Vitamin D3 activates VDR, which in turn exerts a positive effect on cardiovascular function.

Dietary sources of vitamin D are generally limited to fortified foods and a few animal sources such as fish and eggs. Vitamin D is naturally produced in the body through exposure to direct sunlight; however, not everyone will manufacture the needed amounts with sun exposure. For example, people with darker skin tone, the elderly, and those living in northern latitudes may not produce an adequate supply of the sunshine vitamin. Additionally, recent studies show that even people who live in sunny climates aren’t getting enough vitamin D.

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Results 100% Guaranteed

Try it for 120 days and if you do not see the benefits simply return the containers and we will refund your purchase price.