Fish Oil Boosts Heart and Brain Health

I find it interesting that study after study comes out saying that this nutrient or that supplement is good for something related to your health. Why do we keep needing studies to confirm the obvious. Eating crap will slowly kill you and eating well helps reverse the damage. Researchers concluded that higher levels omega-3 have […]... Read More
broken heart

A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Eating for a Healthy Heart

No part of your body affects your overall health more than your heart. Once your heart health has been compromised everything associated with staying healthy becomes substantially more difficult. Exercise is very important for maintaining a healthy heart, but watching what you eat is far more important. If you have a family history of heart […]... Read More

Can Sitting be Bad For You?

Although this section of the blog is technically about exercise I figured information about lack of exercise would fit in here nicely. It seems there is no getting around it. It is vitally important to keep moving our bodies. Because not using our bodies leads to a whole host of problems. I talk a lot […]... Read More