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The more I read about healthy living the more I am struck by one idea. And that idea is that as men, we have a great deal of control over the level of health we live with.

We have all heard hundreds of times that what we eat affects our weight which effects a whole hosts of other issues from diabetes to heart attacks to strokes.

We also hear that exercise is vitally important to maintain a level of cardiac health, muscle strength and flexibility.

What we do not hear as much about is how we control our levels of stress. There is a lot of research coming out that shows stress is a significant contributor to many disease processes.

These three areas, diet, exercise and stress reduction fall under the category of life style choices that have a profound positive or negative effect on our health.

Interestingly enough, the area that is talked about the least, stress reduction, may play the most significant part in maintaining a high level of health for us baby boomers.

And not only is stress reduction important for physical health but it is important for mental health, a healthy relationship and a healthy work environment.

So what we will be talking about in this section will be posts about research into the effects of stress on our health, examples of the consequences of excess stress and the many methods that we can use to lower our levels of stress.

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