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Let’s set up the ground rules for this section right up front.

Rule #1 – Any product that I review I have used. I am not taking reviews from other websites. I am telling you what I think from my experience with the product.

Rule #2 – If the product works for me I will tell you and if it does not work for me I will tell you. Of course your mileage may vary. What I can’t get to work you may find to be the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel. And something I love you may find useless.

Rule #3 – Unless otherwise noted any product I review I purchased with my own money. Under no circumstances will you find any paid for reviews. All reviews are my opinion.

Rule #4 – As per the Affiliate Agreement there may be products that I receive a commission on when purchased thru this site.

OK, enough with the rules.

I love buying products and seeing if they work. I mean who does not what to be super fit or super healthy or super … anything?

Usually anything I buy is at a reasonable price and the advertised results seem attainable by an ordinary person in a reasonable amount of time.

A lot of the products center around nutrition but many have to do with meditation and exercise. Book reviews are in another section, conveniently titled “Book Reviews“.

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If you have any comments or would like to know about a particular product then just leave a comment below.

Stay Healthy
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