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Let’s talk frankly about exercise.

We all know we should do it. We all have read the articles or heard the news stories about exercising extending life and improving the quality of life.

But something happens between the idea and the application. And there are many things that stop men from using their bodies to stay healthy.

One of the big blocks to exercising is what I call “the glory day” syndrome.

Glory Day Syndrome – Remembering what use to be as if were yesterday

The problem with this syndrome is that what we would like to do and what we can do are two entirely different things. And this can be very frustrating.

Remembering our days of high school or college sports, or our days as runners or in the military only make us feel that what we can do now is less then meaningful.

And even if we start to exercise the speed of change now is much slower then in the past.

But even with all of this frustration it is important to get up and do something. If you are still working and sit at a desk all day you are just killing yourself without some real movement in your life.

If you have stopped working you may have time but have lost all motivation. You have to break the law of inertia.

Law of Inertia – A body at rest tends to stay at rest

Which means it is hard to get up when you are down. But it needs to be done.

So What Needs to be Done?

Looking at this problem is a two step process. The first step is to understand what outcomes we want and the next step is to figure out the best exercises that will produce these outcomes.

Now in this case the word “best” has a slightly different meaning then the one we are used to using.

In this case the word “best” means exercises that we will actually do over the long term. These may not be the most efficient in getting the job done but they are the ones that will have a very high chance of being followed.

Nobody needs another exercise machine around the house to gather dust and to act as a place to hang clothes.

So Let’s get Started

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