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Video Transcript

welcome to the senior minute today we’re gonna talk a little bit about blood pressure one of the most common questions I get is why is my blood pressure go up and down and what is the safe range for me well we all hear 120 over 80 is the gold standard and it is but what pressure functions more in a range and it’s a norm that’s a little bit different for each of us so if one minute you’re 122 over 81 and the next you’re 127 over 74 it’s really not that big of a deal you don’t want to worry about it you don’t want to fret about changes in your blood pressure that are only 5 to 10 points also some people may tend to run a little high or a little low the beginning of mild hypertension is around 140 so we really want to see that you’re below 140 and that you’re not creeping up into the danger zone so we look at 140 as the beginning of hypertension 140 to 160 is something that you want to discuss with your doctor 160 180 is is very high and it might require lifestyle changes or you know different types of medications to manage it and 180 and above for the systolic that’s the top number is extremely dangerous and can result in a stroke or a heart attack this is something that you need to deal with right away if you’re seeing blood pressures and the weddings so many wet so I’m talking about seeing blood pressures in the 180s how so how do we monitor our own blood pressure you can go to your local drugstore Walgreens CVS these are the drugstores that we have here in the southeast but go down and you can ask the store manager or the pharmacist they should be able to help you purchase an electronic cuff that’s going to be best for you I generally recommend the one that is on the arm I think that’s a little bit more accurate than the wrist cuff but if you have difficulty putting on the arm cuff by yourself then the wrist cuff is an excellent option so you’re gonna put it on you’re gonna press on you’re gonna hit start and you’re gonna wait and you were here you will hear the cuff kind of ramp up and it will count down maybe two minutes and it will provide you with your blood pressure and your pulse and these are things that you want to log especially if you’re on a care plan involving any kind of medication to reduce your blood pressure you keep a daily log because sometimes after dieting after weight loss exercise different aspects of your lifestyle if you kind of try to tackle these maybe the medication won’t be necessary anymore again something that you want to discuss with the physician and then you know a question that I get is about low blood pressure people want to know should they be concerned when their blood pressure dips low well we have to know what is your norm for instance my mother tends to run very low blood pressure very low pulse she’s a very healthy asymptomatic individual in other words she doesn’t have any fatigue or dizziness no lightheadedness when she’s standing she doesn’t have any symptoms with the low blood pressure or with the low pulse so we don’t worry about this she doesn’t have any disease process her blood pressure simply runs low now if you’re having symptoms and you’ve got low blood pressure again I don’t get too concerned with my patients until we start going below 95 on the top number once we start hitting below 95 we want to probe to find out if there is a a medical issue or if the person is dehydrated oftentimes excessive nausea vomiting diarrhea things that cause you your electrolyte balance to be off will affect your blood pressure and bring it down so if there’s no other symptoms and it’s it’s going on for a period of time then it’s probably nothing to worry about but if you do charge your blood pressure you can always bring it up to your doctor and you can investigate that a little bit further so this covers blood pressure hopefully FA cues for you the recap that’s what we can do to control our blood pressure exercise healthy diet weight maintenance and if all those things still aren’t maintaining your blood pressure a trip to the doctor to get medication that will hopefully bring your blood pressure down ask questions and let me know what you want to hear about next time I’m here to be your resource from my home to yours we’ll see you next time

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