Is Balding in Men a Sign of Heart Attack Risk?

baldness in men

There are a number of ways to assess your risk of a heart attack.

There are the tried and true methods of looking at cholesterol levels, blood pressure readings, BMI and of course diet and exercise.

For men, we now have something else to look at. And something that cannot be hidden.

And that something is the degree and type of baldness.

The study, which was conducted at the University of Tokyo in Japan, compiled information from six independent studies.1 There were a total of 36,990 men participating in all of this combined research. The scientists analyzed the gathered data to compare the rates of baldness with those of cardiovascular disease and found a significant association. Balding men were shown to have a greater risk of heart disease and–to add insult to injury–their heart attack risk increases with more substantial balding.

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Photo Source – Baseline of Health

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