Help for Erectile Dysfunction

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hey guys all abroad here with another news update on men’s health and in this issue you want to talk about erectile dysfunction and is there anything that you can do for any help that you can get for it without having to get a prescription for viagra cialis one of those kind of things and here’s a spoiler alert the answer is yes we’re going to talk about foods and supplements now if you have any questions about this video or any of the videos on my channel just give me a call or text me six oh nine four ten forty seven ninety if you’d rather email me there’s a link to an email form in the description below this video also below this video there are other links to videos in my channel if you’re watching this on a cell phone to get to the description you have to click on that little arrow to the right of the title of this video now let’s see what we have today now there are three main causes for erectile dysfunction there’s physical trauma emotional trauma and underlying medical problems now in terms of physical trauma we can we talked about spinal cord injury you know direct injury to the genitals or diseases such as multiple sclerosis Parkinson’s disease and diabetes diabetes is a little different than Parkinson’s or MS quare diabetes actually attacks the lining of your blood vessels and that stops the production of nitric oxide Parkinson ms/ms are more nerve damage as emotional trauma can be extreme stress really high powered jobs that you’re just under constant constant emotional stress this fatigue and there’s that ever-present performance anxiety now underlying medical issues include high blood pressure high cholesterol and any cardiac condition that impairs blood flow high cholesterol puts plaque in the interior of your arteries high blood pressure along with diabetes has damage to the lining of your blood vessel so these are really important issues now since erectile dysfunction depends almost entirely on good blood flow whatever we can do to help also helps reverse edie and one of the major causes of poor blood flow is high blood pressure now the following foods will help to naturally lower your blood pressure now we want to do foods and we want to do also supplements but foods will also will treat erectile dysfunction because it helps lower the blood pressure and there’s two things going on when you’re adding good foods into your diet but at the same time you by doing that you’re also eliminating some of the really bad foods from your diet now foods to include in your diet are something called lecithin granules fiber oats artichokes garlic apple cider vinegar beep juice cinnamon cayenne or thorn tea which is a heart-healthy tea flax seeds chia seeds almonds walnuts cacao cacao is kind of a chocolate olive oil and oily fish are all highly beneficial to your heart and once they’re beneficial to your heart they’re beneficial to your circulation now a dietary plan that incorporates many of these foods is called the Mediterranean diet and that would be great to take a look on the web for there are tons of websites that talk about it but it gets you really into a good eating style by adding really good foods and eliminating a lot of the bad foods now all of these things help to keep cholesterol and blood pressure under control and can be very easily added to your but what I have found in working with people is that dietary changes are difficult to make and difficult to sustain that’s why I also into doing supplements because supplements are easy to do there’s something called nitric oxide therapy that uses a powder and it do is mix it with water and drink a couple of times a day it might take a total of two three four minutes out of your day to do this to keep your blood pressure under control to keep your cholesterol in the control to help with symptoms of or complications of diabetes to help improve erectile dysfunction nitric oxide therapy is the best I follow it I recommend it to everybody if you’d like to see a really good video and nitric oxide therapy because it’s a little too long to add to a quick news update I have a link to one in the description below this video remember to get the description if you’re on a cell phone you have to click on that little down arrow right to the right of the title now if you have any questions about nitric oxide therapy this video or any of the videos on my channel just give me a call or text me at 6:09 410 47 90 I want to thank you for stopping by today and watching this video have a great day and here’s to your good health

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