Healing Salve to Relieve Sore Muscles and Joints


As we get older we start noticing some minor and some not so minor aches and pains in our muscles and joints.

One conventional methods to deal with this is to take some form of pain reliever. Such as aspirin, Tylenol or a prescription from the doctor.

Another method is to use salves. However many over the counter salves are made with petroleum which is derived from crude oil.

Here is what they say at Health Impact

One of my goals for health and wellness is to avoid using anything that contains petroleum products. Once you start paying close attention to the ingredients in many common hair and skin care products, you will find that there is almost always some form of petroleum product listed. Petroleum products are refined from crude oil – a crude oil that is very toxic nonetheless. It can be refined into a number of products, such as mineral oil, petroleum jelly, petrolatum, paraffin waxes, microcrystalline waxes, and more, all of which are very common ingredients in skin and hair care products.

Not something you really want to rub into your skin.

Follow the link below for a natural salve recipe.

Click Here for a Natural Salve Recipe


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Stay Healthy
Arnold Brod, Publisher

Photo Source – Health Impact

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