Exercise to Live Longer – Study Says

The argument is an old one. What will keep you healthier – exercise or weight loss?

My feeling is that you will have a better chance to live a long and healthy life if you combine the two. Keep a healthy weight and keep fit.

But its scientists jobs to parse the data and see if they can come to some statistical meaningful results.

And in this case they did. And exercise won out.

Exercise had a significantly greater effect on lowering death rates due to cardiac events then did weight loss.

But men who improved or maintained their fitness over the 11+ years did reduce their risk of death. Those men that merely maintained their fitness reduced their cardiovascular disease mortality by 27% and reduced their risk of all-cause mortality by 30%. Those men who were able to increase their fitness saw their cardiovascular disease mortality risk drop by 42% and their risk of all-cause mortality drop by 39%. Read more at To Your Health

So what does this mean as a practical matter?

Pizza and ice cream for everyone. Well, not so fast.

Even if exercise trumps weight loss in terms of mortality, there was not figures on quality of life.

Nobody wants to live longer and be miserable. There are to many studies that show that being overweight or obese takes a tremendous toll on your health.

For me, this study reinforces the need to stay fit. Which means to stay flexible, have some cardio stamina and have some decent muscle strength.

Stay Healthy
Arnold Brod, Publisher

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