Calcium Supplements May Hurt Your Heart


Calcium Supplements May Hurt Your Heart

My preference is to work at getting my nutrients from food sources rather then from pills.

Unfortunately that is not always possible which brings up the subject of supplements as a way to bridge the gap.

Manufacturing and selling supplements has gone from a mom and pop operation to a multi-billion dollar industry, that rivals the medical establishment, in a fairly short period of time.

Just like prescription medication, supplements need to be studied over the long haul to see what unintended effects they may have and how they interact with other supplements. Nobody want to see an increase in the death rate from taking something that is supposed to be good for you.

Some New Findings on Calcium

One thing to remember is that whenever a study is published there are groups with financial interests on the other side that will find problems with the study.

That being said here is an excerpt from the study as reported in Men’s Health.

Men who took calcium supplements—whether on their own or in a multivitamin—were 20 percent more likely to die of heart disease (a heart attack) over more than a decade, according to a new study from the National Cancer Institute. (Researchers tracked the outcomes and diet habits of nearly 400,000 people, but didn’t find any of the same negative effects in women.)

Roughly half of all American men over age 50 take a calcium supplement, usually for bone health and to prevent osteoporosis. But the mineral also appears to boost the buildup of calcium phosphate, which blocks the flow of blood into and out of your heart and promotes the formation of plaque in your cardiovascular system,

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What Choices do you have?

Well the suggested Calcium intake per day is around 1000 milligrams per day. The best alternative would be to get the calcium from food sources such as dairy products such as milk or yogurt and green leafy vegetables.

Here is a link to a chart that shows the calcium content of different foods. Getting to the 1000 milligrams a day should be fairly easy.


Thoughts about Calcium Supplements May Hurt Your Heart

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