An Almost Certain Cure for C.diff

stomachWhoever may have said science was all white lab coats and test tubes never heard of this cure for a stubborn intestinal upheaval caused by c.diff.

Well this is one for the a new section of this site that will be called “disgusting but true”.

How about when all else fails in the treatment of the difficult to treat c.diff bacteria the treatment of choice is fecal enemas.

You read this right. Poop from one person is transplanted into another person.

The following is an excerpt from the New York Times

The researchers studied adults who had been suffering from C. difficile for months and had had at least one relapse after antibiotics. They were picked at random to be in one of three groups. Only one group, 16 people, had the transplant: they took the antibiotic vancomycin for four days, had their intestines rinsed and then had the fecal solution pumped into their small intestines through a nose tube. A second group, 13 people, had the intestinal wash and 14 days of vancomycin; a third group, also 13 people, had only vancomycin.

Among the 16 who received transplants, 13 were cured after the first infusion. The other three were given repeat infusions from different donors, and two were also cured. In the two groups of patients who did not receive transplants, only 7 of 26 were cured.

Of the patients who did not receive transplants at first and who relapsed after receiving antibiotics only, 18 were subsequently given transplants, and 15 were cured.

As horrible as this sounds c.diff is worse. Take the cure and save your life.

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