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Hello, my name is Arnold Brod and at the time of this writing I am 66 years old.

You know that when I say that, it is a little shocking. I still remember sports in high school, parties in college and first getting married as if it were yesterday. How fast time flies.

I have been involved in studying how to live a healthy life for the past 40 years. I have dug into different eating plans, different exercise methods, many different de-stressing approaches, all kinds of supplements and the list goes on.

But despite all of that I am noticing the dings and bruises that I picked up over the years starting to make their presence known. Or said another way, stuff is starting to hurt.

But I think I am one of the lucky ones. I see people my age and much younger in all kinds of pain and deteriorating health. I see men and women who are tired, burned out, have heart conditions, diabetics, arthritis and as I have said before, the list goes on.

The reason that I am starting this blog site is that I do not believe this is the way it has to be. We can age but there is no need to feel like we are falling apart.

My initial intention is to gear this site to people 50 and older. That number is somewhat arbitrary on my part. I came up with it in part as a psychological barrier coupled with the fact that 50 seems to be when we have passed out of middle age. I figure that if the average USA life expectancy is 79 then middle age is around 40 to 45.  So 50  seems as good as any cut off point.

But if there is a lot of opinion on looking at the lives and conditions of men and women in their 30s and 40s I am open to adding in that research. Your opinions and feedback matters.

So what can you expect to find here? I plan on bringing together information that will make your lives better. Information that will help you have more energy, better spirits, less aches and pains and in general ways to stop feeling old.

In many ways I am going to act as a human laboratory as I do this research. When I find a topic that I think, or you suggest, is very important I will be personally implementing the findings. We will look at the research and also how the research works on the individual level.

For instance, I have recently been researching the harmful effects of high levels of blood sugar. We all know that diabetes is very bad but what about pre- diabetic blood sugar levels that are reached after meals and may remain elevated all day long. Are they harmful? How does it feel at different levels.

So I bought a blood glucose kit and have been testing my blood levels after meals and recording the results. Also relating the blood sugar levels with observations of how I feel, what results do I see with my weight etc.

So that is the general nature of the site. My plan is to publish one to two longer investigations per week plus keeping an eye on any breaking news on topics that we have already covered. Additionally, I will be starting a newsletter to let you know of new articles that I have added to the site.

As this site develops I am hoping for your inputs. I want to know what you want to learn about. What concerns you may have and what physical complaints do you want to explore.

Well, that’s it for now.

Stay Healthy
Arnold Brod, Publisher

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