10 Life Hacks that will Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer

Most of the posts on this site are designed to share ways to age in a good health and pain free.

When 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer it becomes vitally important to work on prevention as well as cures.

The medical profession, for all of their faults, aggressively fights cancer and other diseases.

We have to be as aggressive in our approach to prevention.

Half measures and a “well maybe later” attitude will not be enough.

You have the power to shape your health. Non use it.

For as serious of an issue prostate cancer is, it’s a topic that does not receive much attention due to social stigma. But because 1 in 6 men will now contract the debilitating disease, (500,000 each year, 200,000 resulting in death) natural ways to prevent cancer of the prostate is a topic which deserves attention.

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