13 Super Healthy Quinoa Recipes For Vegetarians

13 Super Healthy Quinoa Recipes For Vegetarians

Being healthy doesn’t need to be boring! View this image › 1. Quinoa and Black Bean Veggie Burgers View this image › pescetarian.kitchen Who doesn’t love a veggie burger? These burgers will stay fresh in the fridge for a week, making them a perfect lunch snack. View the full recipe here. 2. Quinoa Greek Yogurt […]... Read More

14 Superstar Athletes You Didn’t Know Are Vegetarian

1. Ricky Williams View this image › 4umf.com / Via 4umf.com This former Miami Dolphins running back is a Heisman Trophy-winner who left the game to open a restaurant (with lots of veggie options) in 2011. He even hosted PETA’s faux-chicken-wing competition, to find the best tasting non-meat option. 2. Prince Fielder View this image […]... Read More
29 Delicious Whole Wheat Pasta Dishes

29 Delicious Whole Wheat Pasta Dishes

View this image › 1. Whole Wheat Rigatoni with Roasted Vegetables View this image › foodandwine.com Get the recipe 2. Whole-Wheat Spaghetti with Sausage and Peppers View this image › foodandwine.com Get the recipe 3. Whole-Wheat Pasta with Pumpkin-Seed and Spinach Pesto View this image › wholeliving.com Get the recipe. 4. Whole-Wheat Linguine and Braised […]... Read More

101 Great Tasting Vegetarian Paleo Recipes

Found on healthiersteps.com 101 Great Tasting Vegetarian Paleo Recipes – Click to Tweet I know it is a little surprising to see the words Paleo and Vegetarian in the same sentence. But it is true. There are countless great vegetarian recipes that are also Paleo. A healthy Paleo diet and a healthy vegetarian diet have […]... Read More
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56 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Without Medication

Doctors always talk about lowering your blood pressure. But do you know why? Take a look at the three headlines below to get an idea of the importance of lowering your BP. But are doctor prescribed medications the only way to go? The answer to that question is a definite NO. There are many life […]... Read More

Exercise Inspiration for the Over 50 Crowd – It’s Hard to Believe These Videos

It is important to remember it is never to late to get in shape or to get back into shape. The following videos are more for inspiration then instruction. Its great to see what can be done with a little motivation. Follow these examples and make your life the best it can be. LIFE SAVING […]... Read More

You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Take Your Head Out of the Sand One in three Americans has high blood pressure. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s a family member or neighbor. According to the American Heart Association, if left untreated high blood pressure can lead to: Heart Attack Heart Disease Congestive Heart Failure Stroke Kidney Damage Erectile Dysfunction And a Variety […]... Read More

How to Avoid the Side Effects of Prescription Medication

Maybe a prescription is not the best first choice in dealing with high blood pressure. Why not try some life style changes and avoid all the side effects of your prescribed meds. Will it be as easy as just popping a pill? Probably not. But life style changes generally do not have negative side effects. […]... Read More

Got Eczema – Here are 5 Natural Remedies to Try

As anyone with eczema will tell you, though not life threatening, the condition is pretty bad. There is a lot of itching and blisters and oozing going on. As with most types of medical intervention treating eczema with medication has many potential side effects. Most side effects are tolerated because releif is such a blessing. […]... Read More